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The Webbs and their work

MacRae, D. G. (1948) The Webbs and their work. Political quarterly, 19. pp. 14-23. ISSN 0032-3179

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"There are certain periods of social history whose being is scarcely remarked, but whose content is revolutionary. Such is the period of Benthamism, such to a lesser degree is the age of the Webbs. Of course these reformers are noticed, criticised and utilise in their own day, but to a surprising degree they are accepted - even if also derided - accepted above all because of their genius for the necessary and the obvious. It is this that makes any appraisal of their work so difficult: it is so rational and so essential that it possesses no capacity to surprise. Once the careful preparation, the painstaking organisation and the personal sacrifice that are the prerequisites of all reform have taken place, then the battle is won and the victory accepted with a complete absence of understanding of how things could have continued as they had been, or of why any struggle had been necessary." - Introductory paragraph.

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